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This is a nice video about self-care and hints and tips for revision and a managing stress video 

Revision | On My Mind | Anna Freud Centre

Helpful websites:

GCSE | The Student Room is the UK's largest online community for students with lots of free advice and guidance, including revision guides, advice on making flashcards or mindmaps and a range of top-tips from students themselves

Exam Stress | How To Deal with Exam Stress | YoungMinds young minds are excellent and at the bottom of the page is a list of services that can be accessed.

Looking after yourself during your GCSES: guide for pupils b5791d_785f6d89dfc9477da5cba1be9e9870a7.pdf (

An emotionally healthy approach to GCSES: guide for parents b5791d_a51e981777114f85aff0180fbb216156.pdf (







We have created the following worksheets to offer advice on how to manage the exam period.

Art and Photography 

Computer Science


Food Technology





Revision Guides List


Sport Science

Parents - How to help with Revision

Exam and Revision How to help your child

These general resources may also be useful.



Intervention is from 15.00-16.00, and each student has between 2 and 4 sessions timetabled per fortnight. 

The intervention groups have been decided based on student gaps in learning and provide small group teaching aimed at supporting students to make improvements. 

The groups will be changed and adapted following mock exams to ensure that students are in the most appropriate sessions. 

Our expectation is that students attend all sessions as per their timetable.

  • Intervention is an opportunity for students, and therefore any student who is deemed to be disruptive to the learning and progress of others will be asked to leave.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding intervention, please do not hesitate to contact Emma Rudd (Head of Year 11):

Results Day – It Pays to Have a Plan B

If you find on results day that you don’t have the grades you need, you will need a Plan B.

Click here to find out about the alternative routes available.