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Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Welcome to PACA

If you have received confirmation of a place at the academy to join us in September 2020 I would like to welcome you to our school.We are very pleased that you have chosen our Academy for the next step in your child’s education.

If your son/daughter is due to join us in September then I am sure you were looking forward to a number of events that we had set up in order to ease all pupil’s transition from Year 6 into Year 7. With the Covid 19 lockdown still in place it is not certain that all of these events will take place however we will do everything we can to help them and you feel settled and happy at PACA.

Over the coming weeks you will all receive a phone call from a member of staff asking for tutor group buddies so that all pupils are with someone they know within their tutor group. These calls are also your opportunity to ask any questions of us and to ask for guidance. In the meantime, please look over the Key Information page, which has information such as equipment requirements, uniform and policies. 

In addition to these calls, we have also been in contact with year 6 teachers to gain some information about the children coming to us. In most cases these teachers will have spent the most amount of time with your children and we value their insight and knowledge gained through educating for them for so long.

Many of you will have signed up for events such as transition evening, summer school, select student event and the transition days. It is unclear whether we will be able to run these events but we will keep you updated as soon as we have further information. Below is a summary of how we expect the events to run at this point:

  • SEN Tea Party

If your child has signed up to attend this event or has SEN then you will receive a call from a member of our Aspiration Centre team to introduce themselves and answer any questions.

  • Transition evening

Normally an opportunity for students to meet their tutor and tutor group for the first time and for us to answer any questions before the transition days. This event will still go ahead either at the end of the summer term or at the start of term in September depending on return dates.

  • Transition days

In the current circumstances, we will not be able to run these days. However, when your child arrives in year 7 they will be given at least a morning by themselves in school before other year groups join them when school returns.  The way that we decide how to start the school year will depend on decisions that the government is making now, with the option that new Year 7s will have a longer period in the building.

  • Select student event

Normally an opportunity for those students coming to PACA without many other students from their own primary school. If your child has signed up to this event then you will be invited to get into contact with one of our Transition Buddies, currently in Year 7, to answer any questions and to be a point of contact when arriving at PACA. This student will remain their Transition Buddy throughout their time as a Year 7. If you had not signed up for this but think your child would benefit, please email m.jones@paca.uk.com

  • Summer School

Many of you have already signed up for this event. Hopefully this event will still go ahead and will be hugely beneficial to help any student ease back in to school life. We will keep everyone informed as we receive more information.


This is an exciting time to be joining PACA.  We are absolutely passionate about making PACA the best it has ever been.  For us this means helping all our students develop their character ready for the 21st century, it means helping everyone at PACA contribute to making it a kind, positive and enjoyable place to live and grow, and it means building a school that is excited about learning every single day.  We’re a growing school with a great track record of results.

We are looking forward to you joining our community to get the most out of the years ahead. In the meantime we hope that everyone is staying safe and well.

You can see the advice we give all students joining the Academy on our New to PACA? page. If you have any further queries about transition that have not been answered hereplease do not hesitate to contact our head of Year 7, Mr Mike Jones,  on m.jones@paca.uk.com.

Staff could not do more to make pupils’ transition from primary school happy, with a summer school, visits and lessons in advance, and activities to help pupils get to know each other. - Ofsted, 2016

We thought the transition was managed wonderfully and they really benefited from already knowing the campus and some of the staff and other pupils before they began last September. From our perspective it went very smoothly and they both had a very positive start to their time at PACA, which seems to have continued over the year. - PACA parent


I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the parents evening this week. Every teacher knew who my child was, had a specific reference either to the targets she is working towards, or a recent piece of work completed or test result. And they were able to shed some light on how choices for GCSE will work and what the content of some of those GCSEs would involve.

I’m fortunate to have a child who engages well with her education - but rather than hear the usual - that she is hard working and nice - (which is nice to hear) I received meaningful feedback which included how she is being perceived and how she could improve things - this was really valuable and surpassed my expectations.

I’d like to say a well done to all involved and the evening was really reassuring on the level of teaching which PACA is providing for us. - PACA parent

This school has helped me improve my skills in every lesson. - PACA student