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Policies & Statutory Information


For more information about Aldridge Education, including the Trust's statutory information and policies, please visit The following policies are national Trust policies applying to PACA:


The following policies are Aldridge Education Trust Wide policies which PACA follows.  These can be found on the Aldridge Education Website - Aldridge Education - Finance, policies and legal information

Biometrics Policy (PACA does not use biometrics)

CCTV Policy

Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy

Complaints Policy

Data Protection Policy

E-safety Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

First Aid Policy

Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme

Health and Safety Policy Part 1 – Statement of Intent

Health and Safety Policy Part 2 – Roles and Responsibilities

Health and Safety Policy Part 3 – Arrangements

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice – Parents/ Carers

Privacy Notice – Pupils and Learners

Privacy Notice – Children in Need and LAC

Privacy Notice – Workforce

Privacy Notice – Governors

Record Retention Policy and Retention Schedule

Risk Assessment Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

Whistleblowing Policy


Academy Policies

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Please note that we are currently consulting on a change to our Admissions Policy. Full details of this consultation can be found here.

Financial information

The school's Supplemental Funding Agreement

Number of employees in the Trust whose benefits exceed £100k, in £10k bandings

Schools Financial Benchmarking Service information on PACA


The Pupil Premium at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy

What is Pupil Premium funding?

Pupil Premium Funding (PFF) was introduced by the government in April 2011 as a means of addressing underlying inequalities between students eligible for free school meals and those from wealthier backgrounds. The funding may be spent by schools however they wish but schools must demonstrate the impact the funding is having on its Pupil Premium (PP) students. The term ‘disadvantaged’ is now used for students who are eligible for the Pupil Premium. Students are referred to as ‘disadvantaged’, pupil premium and PP students interchangeably within this document. Non PP students are those who are not eligible for PP funding.

Please follow the link to our strategy for Pupil Premium Funding at PACA and the key barriers, actions, areas of expenditure and areas of support offered.

Pupil Premium Evaluation & Strategy

For other financial information please visit