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Enterprising Skills & Entrepreneurship

Enterprising Skills & Entrepreneurship

We focus on developing enterprising skills and an entrepreneurial mind-set in all our students.

The six Aldridge Attributes are qualities that will help every PACA student lead a successful and happy life, whatever they choose to do.

These attributes underpin every aspect of academy life and are recognised and rewarded.

 The Aldridge Attributes


The drive to succeed. We want our students to be passionate about their school, their learning and their life and to get the very best from everything they do. If they have a particular area of interest we will nurture that to the best of our ability.



The movement towards a goal, and resilience to difficulties along the way. It is challenging to learn new things, to improve and progress and to be the best that you can be. We encourage our students to be determined and help build their resilience and self-esteem.



Not being afraid to try something new or do something differently. Our school is a safe school and a great environment to take some appropriate risks. To progress we want our students to be brave, be prepared to speak up and to have a go at something new and understand that getting things wrong from time to time is all part of the learning process.


The ability to express and interpret challenges, concepts, thoughts, feelings facts and opinions. Every opportunity in life and life itself presents problems from time to time. We encourage our students to persevere when things go wrong and to find solutions or ways of working around a challenge.


A co-ordinated effort on the part of a team or in the interests of a common cause. Success in a school, workplace and community relies on strong teamwork. Learning how to collaborate, work well with and find inspiration through others is a key part of student success.


The ability to look at things in a new way, and seek different solutions. Our students live in a fast changing world. We want them to be open to new ideas, be lateral and innovative in their thinking and to fire their imaginations. We want to find suitable outlets for their creativity in the curriculum and daily school life.

We have a rich programme of activities throughout the year ranging from House activities, to the full school Global Entrepreneurship Week activities. We work with local businesses and students have the opportunity to start up small businesses and social enterprises in school.