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While we place upmost importance on academic success, at PACA we also believe in giving our pupils as many opportunities as possible to develop their character through participating in enriching activities. Through a wide-ranging offer, we support students in developing skills which will help them to become well-rounded individuals and contribute to their community and society. Our wide ranging enrichment offer (which includes extra-curricular clubs, trips, events, and leadership opportunities): 
  • Exposes pupils to a wide range of experiences
  • Provides pupils with extended opportunities to pursue interests and passions
  • Complements our academic process through developing well rounded individuals
  • Provides pupils with opportunities not readily available to them in the community
  • Enables pupils to explore new interests
  • Provides memorable experiences
  • Enables students to develop new skills such as communication and team-work

KS3 Wednesday Enrichment

Each Wednesday Week 2 P5, all KS3 pupils will participate in an enrichment activity of their choice.
The activities being offered are designed to enhance student learning experience and provide them with knowledge and skills needed for the future.
The enrichment presentation, which provides an overview of all activities offered during this timetabled period, can be found HERE 

Lunch time and after school extracurricular activities

Our dedicated senior prefects will organise and manage break and lunch time activities for pupils in all year groups. This will include football, basketball, table tennis and board games. Each department offers minimum of one after school club, designed to further engage pupils in their subject area and provide opportunities to further develop their passions and interests. You can see more information about our current clubs and activities below.

Ideas For Activities

One of the main challenges since the lockdown began has been finding ways to successfully spend large amounts of unstructured time. For anyone this is hard, but for young people it is even harder. We see this as part of our pastoral support at this time and we aim to keep in contact with our families on a regular basis. 

At PACA we really enjoy our enrichment activities and our wider interests. We want to continue to encourage these during the summer holidays You can check out lots of ideas below. 

Summer Holidays Enrichment Ideas Page.

We will continue to collate and disseminate ideas for enrichment and we are going to draw on ideas from our school community to share these ideas - so please email your Head of Year with any ideas you think could be shared with others.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Thirteen ambitious Year 10’s embarked on the journey to their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2017, when they pledged to learn or develop a skill, take up or develop their ability in a physical activity, and to volunteer in the local community.

Students took up knitting, darts, and marksmanship; developed their prowess in kick boxing, football, and tap dancing; volunteered in charity shops, in sports leadership, and at a local Synagogue; and many more activities besides. Participants learned how to read a map, how to plan a route, and how to put up a tent. Taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award is open to all Year 9 students.

The camping trip was fun and action packed! It gave me lots of experiences that I’d never had before.
Year 7 PACA student

Extra-curricular Clubs 


  After School Clubs

At PACA students have a wide variety of clubs to choose from to keep active, improve their confidence, learn about different cultures and enhance their subject knowledge. 

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PACA 100

Students and staff at PACA worked together to create a list of 100 things all PACA students to do before they finish their GCSEs in year 11. Through our tutor time Expert Learner programme, students will be encouraged to complete and evidence as many of the PACA100 as they can!

paca 100.pdf