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Adding dates to your calendar

Please find below instructions on how to configure some of the most popular calendar programmes to automatically display dates from the public address of the school calendar feed, which is:
Feed address: webcal://

Term Dates 2020/2021



We operate a two week timetable with five lessons per day, plus a morning break and lunchtime.

In 2019 we are changing the school day to introduce 5 periods in the school day, delivered in 1 hour sessions rather than the current 80 minutes.  This will allow students to revisit subjects more regularly, helping them to memorise key content, it also allows us to run a more flexible curriculum so students get a better balance of subjects.   The school day will now run from 8.30am to 3pm, allowing intervention lessons and clubs to run from the earlier time of 3pm.  The duration of the morning tutor period has been increased to allow us to run regular sessions on PSHE, the Aldridge Attributes, Careers and Literacy. 

Students will each be provided with their own personal timetable but the following chart shows the timings of the school day.


Tutor Time


Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Break 1


Lesson 3


Lesson 4




Lesson 5


After school clubs (optional)

No student will be allowed offsite at any time during the school day, including break and lunchtimes.