Year 11s Celebrate GCSE Success

Year 11s Celebrate GCSE Success

Daniella was just one of our Year11s celebrating GCSE results today. Daniella said she felt “amazing” and “quite speechless” on getting her results, which included eight grade 9s and two grade 8s.  

PACA Vice Principal Catherine Bradley said: “For Daniella, the Aldridge attributes have been a key part of how much she has enjoyed her time at PACA. We help our students develop their teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, risk-taking, passion and determination during their journey through the academy.

We believe this creates rounded and resilient individuals ready for any challenge and it’s been hugely relevant to the class of 2020 facing lockdown in their most important school year to date.”

Amy, Kaitlin and Millie were also celebrating this morning.

Amy gained double 8s in English and 8s in Spanish and Food & Nutrition. Kaitlin and Millie also picked up a suite of top grades with both students gaining double 9s in English and 7 and 8 in maths respectively. Kaitlin said she felt “fantastic” and Millie was “shocked, happy and surprised.”

Both were keen to pass on a big thank you to their teachers at PACA. Millie said that PACA’s biggest strength is the student teachers relationships and Kaitlin said all her teachers were “passionate” about their subject areas and supporting students.

All three students are going on to BHASVIC to start their A level courses.

Mays was delighted to achieve a list of top grades including 9s in maths and Arabic as well as 8s in science and French. Although English is her second language Mays secured strong passes in both English Language and Literature as well.