Year 10 visit the Tate Modern

Year 10 visit the Tate Modern!

The Art Department took the Year 10 Art and Photography students to Tate Modern in London on March 10th, in order for them to draw and photograph pieces of artwork that could further inspire and develop their coursework.   The students had a great time walking around the huge gallery spaces and seeing such a wide variety of artwork in one place. Seeing the work in real life is such a valuable experience and makes the world of art seem much more exciting and real.  Both sets of groups also completed drawing and photography tasks outside the gallery and so came away with observational practical work too. 


"My trip to the Tate Modern gave me lots of inspiration and ideas that I can develop into my work at a later date.  The use of different materials, mediums and textures is something I want to include into my designs and work.  Seeing artwork in person I found was a lot more helpful than on a screen, being able to see depth and all the intricate lines that would be blurred on a screen." Amelie 


"My trip to the Tate Modern was very interesting as I got to experience many new artists as well as concepts that I had never thought about before. It was really inspirational to see so many incredible artworks made with all different materials and by artists of all different walks of life." Iggy


Year 10 Art and Photography Tate Modern Visit