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Year 10 visit the Tate Gallery

Year 10 visit the Tate Gallery!

Year 10 Art, Textiles and Photography students visited the Tate Modern this term. The students walked around the vast gallery with tasks to complete, focusing on formal elements. They then spent the end of the day drawing or taking photographs to use in their current coursework projects.

"I really enjoyed going to the Tate Modern because I have now finally found my favourite type of art media.  I really liked seeing the installations which were massive tapestries with things sown into them.  I would love to go again because they are constantly changing to different art work in the gallery, and I would really like to  look in some of the paid entry galleries. Overall, I really recommend going because there is a variety of different art forms and photography where you can learn about multiple new artists."

- Year 10 GCSE Art Student

Year 10 Tate Gallery Trip 2023