Year 10 DofE Bronze Expedition

Year 10 DofE Bronze Expedition!

Well done to our Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh participants, for completing your assessed Bronze Expedition - 50 students taking part over the weekend, which is our biggest group to date!

Each group was given a preparation task to complete to ensure they were fully prepared to be self-sufficient for the entire weekend.  This included writing their route cards, making meal plans for all members of their groups, as well as collecting and dividing up all of the equipment. Groups were not allowed to have their phone with them during this period, so quickly came up with games to entertain themselves, such as playing manhunt in the woods and Uno!

On Saturday, each group showed an incredible determination to complete their day of trekking across the South Downs, following a route of 14.5km – some more accurately than others! Upon returning (a little soggier than they set out), they pitched their tents and cooked themselves a substantial meal over their camping stove before going on to entertain themselves for the evening.

Once all teams were up and ready on Sunday morning, each were raring to walk over the South Downs back to PACA.  Navigation was much improved and showed the skills the students had mastered. 

All teams met for a debrief before the conclusion of the expedition – an essential recap of the successes and challenges they had faced over the weekend.  The most common responses were “my feet hurt” followed by “I am really proud that we completed the entire weekend”.

Overall, 48 students completed the entire weekend, with all teams passing their DofE Bronze Expedition. They were a highly determined group who showed outstanding perseverance for the entire weekend.

We already have 12 students who have fully completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, by also completing their Physical, Volunteering and Skills sections.  They are: Tegen Baker, Chloe Beachill, Georgia Grant,  Alfie Hill, Johnny Hornby, Rosie McCarthy, Noah McGrath, Lestat Morris, Felix Pearcey, Yannick Rogers, Vanda Verboczki and Reece Wenham-Pullen.

The expedition could not have gone ahead without our staff members who volunteered to spend their weekend supporting our students.  With thanks to Frankie McBrien, Rachael Wales, Richard Gill, Clare Kitchen, Mel Smith, Gemma Merriott, Nicki Fairhurst, Mark Poston, and Leigh Keens.


Year 10 Bronze Expedition October 2021