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Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Transition from Y6-Y7

Welcome to PACA!

If you have received confirmation of a place at the academy to join us in September 2024, I would like to welcome you to our school!  

We are very pleased that you have chosen our Academy for the next step in your child’s education.

Frequently asked questions 

Parent and Carer Handbook

Before your child starts at PACA it is important to read through the parent and carer handbook available here. It contains information about how we manage the school and key information when you arrive. I hope you find this useful. The 24-25 parent handbook will be sent to parents in May. 


Messages of support and tips from PACA staff 


Optional transition work can be found here: Transition Work

This is aimed at helping the students reflect on the journey they have taken so far and how those experiences might give them the confidence to approach the new challenges of secondary school.

Our handbook is also available at the top of this page and is essentially the instruction manual for a PACA parent!  You will find information on homework, the school day, contacting us, curriculum and much more.


We have been able to offer those students with additional needs the opportunity to visit the Academy and would like to extend that offer to those who may be feeling anxious about starting secondary school by way of a tour. 
We will be updating the website with times and information on how to book these. 



This year we have students coming to PACA from 22 different primary schools and so as part of our transition programme, we run a special event for our new year 7 students that are coming as the sole student from their primary school or maybe with just a couple of others. This event is a chance to help children make new friends and to have familiar faces ahead of our induction days in July.


The event will start with a ‘get to know you’ session followed by a fun workshop and whilst the children are in their sessions, parents are welcome to stay for refreshments, meet with members of staff and talk to some of our current year 7 students about their experience of joining PACA in the same circumstances.


We will highlight and send invitations to those students that fall into this category, however if this is something your child may be interested in, please contact



If your child has special educational needs, you will be sent an invitation via the primary school SENCO, to meet out Aspiration Centre Team, who run the SEN department.  This event is a chance for your child to meet some of our support staff, mix and interact with some of our current students who use the Aspiration Centre and make new friends with others who may be joining at the same time.  We run this before the transition days, so your child has some experience of PACA before coming up.




This evening is an opportunity for students and parents to meet their tutor group, some of the teachers of the school and to gain any further information about after school clubs, uniform and equipment.  Please complete and return the attached reply slip to our main reception to advise us if you will be attending the evening.



The two induction days are your child’s opportunity to experience what a school day is like for a real PACA student.  They will follow a timetable of lessons with their tutor group while getting the chance to meet a range of teachers, familiarise themselves with the building and continue to build new friendships. Please complete and return the attached reply slip to our main reception to confirm your child’s attendance at this event.



Five days of fun, engaging activities and another great opportunity to meet new people, build relationships with staff and get used to the building.  At only £50 for the full week, it is an absolute bargain.  Summer school days are from 9.30am to 3.00pm, and involve a wide range of sports, arts, science and creative activities.  Further details will be sent via post in due course.


As you can see there are plenty of opportunities to help students adjust to secondary school life.



We look forward to welcoming all of our new year 7’s on Tuesday 3rd September . This day has been set aside for year 7 to give them the opportunity to explore the school and get used to their surroundings.  Please note that we are offering a free lunch on this day.   Although this is free, you are still welcome to send your child in with a packed lunch if they prefer and we recommend still sending in a few snacks and a drink for the first break.

When students start PACA they will be in their tutor groups each morning but will be assigned to classes randomly for at least the first two weeks.  During these weeks we will take the opportunity to use the CAT4 assessment to arrange our groupings thereafter.


8:15 – 8:30 Pupils arrive via student entrance to the hub

8:30 – 8:45 Tutor groups

8:45  Assembly in hall

9:15 – 11 Back to tutor rooms for team building, getting to know each other and a tour of the school

11 – 11:30 BREAK in Canteen/field

11:30 – 12:30 Timetabled lesson

12:30 – 13:30 Timetabled lesson

13:30 – 14:00 FREE LUNCH

14:00 – 15:00 Treasure Hunt – find your way around PACA!

15:00 End of the day


We look forward to inviting you into school for our Meet the Tutor Evening, date 19th September. The evening will consist of an opportunity to meet your child’s tutor to catch up on how they have been getting on in the first few weeks as well as an address from Mr Poston.   We will send out details on how to book this event nearer the time.



As a community school we are proud that we also host Aldridge Adult learning.  AAL gives everyone in our community the opportunity to advance their career, achieve their dreams and love their hobby! More information on this is available at:


In the Parent and Carer Handbook there is guidance on uniform and equipment.

Most uniform can be bought from Monk House

This is an exciting time to be joining PACA.  We are absolutely passionate about making PACA the best it has ever been.  For us this means helping all our students develop their character ready for the 21st century, it means helping everyone at PACA contribute to making it a kind, positive and enjoyable place to live and grow, and it means building a school that is excited about learning every single day.  We’re a growing school with a great track record of results.

We are looking forward to you joining our community to get the most out of the years ahead. 

Brighton and Hove council are running some summer transition workshops


“everyone at PACA is known to each other” - Ofsted 2021

We thought the transition was managed wonderfully and they really benefited from already knowing the campus and some of the staff and other pupils before they began last September. From our perspective it went very smoothly and they both had a very positive start to their time at PACA, which seems to have continued over the year. - PACA parent


I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the parents evening this week. Every teacher knew who my child was, had a specific reference either to the targets she is working towards, or a recent piece of work completed or test result. And they were able to shed some light on how choices for GCSE will work and what the content of some of those GCSEs would involve.

I’m fortunate to have a child who engages well with her education - but rather than hear the usual - that she is hard working and nice - (which is nice to hear) I received meaningful feedback which included how she is being perceived and how she could improve things - this was really valuable and surpassed my expectations.

I’d like to say a well done to all involved and the evening was really reassuring on the level of teaching which PACA is providing for us. -PACA parent

This school has helped me improve my skills in every lesson. - PACA student