Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Our transition process is designed to give students confidence and excitement about their transfer to secondary school.

We are a small school and therefore we know how best to support them.

In transition we aim to really get to know each student using information from home and from their primary schools. At the end of the transition process we have a good knowledge of their strengths and areas for further improvement.

You can see the advice we give all students joining the Academy on our New to PACA? page.

Staff could not do more to make pupils’ transition from primary school happy, with a summer school, visits and lessons in advance, and activities to help pupils get to know each other.

Ofsted, 2016

We thought the transition was managed wonderfully and they really benefited from already knowing the campus and some of the staff and other pupils before they began last September. From our perspective it went very smoothly and they both had a very positive start to their time at PACA, which seems to have continued over the year.

PACA parent


This school has helped me improve my skills in every lesson.

PACA student