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Town Sports 2023

Town Sports 2023

Well done to the 48 year 7 and 8’s who took part in the annual Town Sports event at Withdean Stadium.

We are extremely proud of all our athletes, and special commendation goes to the following students who achieved places in their event, race or heat:


Year 7

Harrison Crellin Elligate: 600m 3rd place

Lucus Woods: Shot Put 3rd place

Anna Ugras: Shot Put 3rd place

IA: 1000m 3rd place


Year 8

Ciaran Pickering: 300m 2nd place

Reece Garrett: 1500m 3rd place

Harrison Ashcroft: 300m 3rd place

Tyler Mae Start: 200m 2nd place

Kyla English: Discus 2nd place

Felix Brown: 100m 3rd place

Elsie Davis Moore: 100m 2nd place

Ellie Dolan : 100m 4th place


Town Sports 2023