Summer Holidays Enrichment Activity Ideas

Summer Holidays Enrichment Activity Ideas

A bit of exercise

This walk is inland at Mile Oak. It encompasses Mile Oak Farm and Southwick Hill. Good local walk and only 3.75 miles in length. Far from the madding crowd and lots of beautiful rolling countryside and views of the sea.

Brain Teasers

The Bridge Riddle

Watch the video in the link and pause when the video asks you to figure out the answer. Can you solve the Bridge Riddle? It takes quite a lot of puzzling and racking your brain for answers, but please try and work it out properly before pressing play and finding out what the answer is!


Try an escape room challenge ...

Creative Challenges

How to make an origami flapping bird

Brief:  In this activity you will learn how to make an origami flapping bird.  Please follow the instructions shown in the video:

Making vegetable instruments

Designing characters

Create a series of characters that represent emotions through colour and markmaking inspired by the work of Jon Burgerman.

That's all folks! Creative postcards

Create a postcard with a special message and pass it on to your favourite person (or teacher of course!)


Game Builder

Take your coding skills to the next level by learning to build your own games. In this course, you will learn keyboard user-interface and game mechanics as you build a Super Mario™-styled game. Afterwards, you will be able to share your game!


Miss Burns suggests:

Keep a summer diary


"Great for keeping track of your thoughts, feelings and what you're up to - especially during such a strange and sometimes difficult time. 

You could write your diary on paper or use a site like, or make video montages using an app like 1 second a day (I do this every summer holidays and love looking back at the fun times I had). You could even create a scrap book with photos, flyers, tickets etc. I have loads of these from holidays when I was your age (a long time, I know!), and I really enjoy digging them out from time to time  remembering what I got up to with family and friends all those years ago. "

Time to eat 

Chocolate Tart

Here is a recipe for a good chocolate tart. There is a video and tips from people who have made it before, so it is worth having a look at some of those before starting. Do not over-knead the dough and make sure you let it cool for at least 1 hour.


Relax with a good book!

Homemade Mini-Golf - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We can help our planet with the 3R’s; reduce, reuse, recycle

Architectural photography

Here is a lovely mini project that you can dip into for this final week BUT it would be amazing if you
could carry on with some of the tasks over the Summer holidays and bring an amazing portfolio of
shots back in September. If you are studying GCSE Photography then this can be used for your
coursework or JUST FOR FUN!

DIY upcycle clothing challenge

Give your old clothes a makeover (and help the environment) by turning unwanted and unused clothes into something new. For example, turn an oversized T-shirt into a dress, or turn an old pair of jeans into shorts, a skirt or even a bag!

Click on the links below for ideas to help you create your own one-of-a-kind item. All you need for most of these projects is a sewing needle, fabric scissors and thread.
Don’t forget to send in your before & after photos! 

Film Publicity Challenge

Science Challenges

French Gymfit 

BRIEF: Here are some ideas and material so that you can do some French Gymfit Enrichment! It is a great idea to do some dancing/exercising during the holidays. Staying inside too long without moving can have bad consequences on people's mood/confidence, and many medical studies show that exercising is good for mental health!!
Remember: before exercising you need to warm up, make sure to have regular water breaks and don't exercise if you are feeling unwell/injured. Make sure to exercise in a space with a lot of room around you!
You can take a picture/video of your exercising/dancing, it would be so nice to see how everyone is getting on! Here are some challenge ideas:

-        Doing the “head shoulder knees and toes” choreography in French . how fast can you do it?

-        Doing the worms numbers dance in French!:

-        Feel like dancing? Try to find a partner, and follow the choreography of this great Belgian song

-        Feel like exercising/doing cardio? Why not start by doing 20 jumping jacks while saying the numbers in French to warm up, and then follow the moves of French gym teacher Kevin:

Sit back, relax, Let it go! ....

and enjoy a Disney musical LIVE recording!





Toy Story:

Finding Nemo:


History film club

There are so many amazing history shows about at the moment. Why not relax on the sofa and learn something while eating some popcorn.


History 101 – a really interesting series of short history shows at look at topics like fast food and robots.

Great British Castles – really great for year 7 students, who have studied and made castles this year

BBC iPlayer

Back in time for the Weekend – a fun look a family life in different decades- a good one to watch with your family.

If you want to get a bit more serious…

Black and British: a forgotten history – uncovering the history of black people in Britain

Brighton 50 years of Gay – broadcaster and gay rights activist Simon Fanshawe looks the how homosexuality stopped being illegal in 1967.