Student Leadership

Student Leadership

All students have a contribution to life at PACA.

Through student leadership roles, students can help shape and lead their academy whilst developing important skills and developing entrepreneurial attributes.

Students have the opportunity to apply or be chosen for leadership roles throughout their time at PACA.

The roles that are either currently available, or are being rolled out over the course of the academic year are:

  • Transition Buddies (Year 7)
  • Senior Prefects (Year 11)
  • Prefects (Year 10)
  • Junior Prefects (Year 9)
  • Academy Librarians (all years)
  • Form Captains (all years)
  • Academy Council Representatives (All years)
  • Sports Captains (Year 10)
  • Social Action Committee Member
  • ECO Warriors
  • Expert Learners (Introducing)
  • LGBT Heros

The Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee has been active in promoting local, national and international causes. You can read more about our students’ award winning work for local charities here.