Measuring the Impact Of Our Careers Programmes

Measuring the Impact Of Our Careers Programmes

Measuring the impact of our individual activities

Students will be expected to evaluate their success including when they are participating in trips, to ensure that they can see how effective each opportunity has been for them.  The Evaluations will be stored in their folders and will be monitored by tutors.  Tutors will also have the opportunity to evaluate how a student has benefited from an event, so we can maintain the high impact events for future years.

The information will then be passed on to the Careers Lead, who can amend and expand the careers programme for the future, to ensure that students are receiving appropriate and up to date information during their careers lessons.

measuring our impact on students' destinations

PACA 25 is a scheme which is provided by PACA and is used to ensure that we know the percentages of students that go on to Further Education, Higher Education and employment right through until they are 25.  

This will show support for our students throughout the start of their journey after PACA, but will also allow us to gain information and monitor the success of the Careers Programme, to show examples to our existing students of where they could be.  This will raise aspirations for students, as they will see past students as role models and can see what they have achieved, by going through the same scheme.

Of students taking their GCSEs at PACA in the summer of 2019, 99% continued their studies at either a sixth form or further education college. Data published by the Department for Education shows that the percentage of PACA students staying on in education or successfully taking up employment after their GCSEs (99%) is 5% points higher than the latest available Local Authority or national averages.


Our next review of our published careers information and data will be in October 2021.