Academy Library Staff

Miss Caroline Wheelhouse – Academy Librarian

Available between 10am and 2pm for all library services.

The Academy Library is available to Academy staff and students for:

  • Browsing and borrowing books
  • Returning or renewing books
  • Accessing the Academy computers and network
  • Reading

Year 7, 8 and 9 students have a library session with their English teacher once every fortnight, where they have time to browse the books the library has on offer, read quietly, or take an Accelerated Reader quiz on books they have finished. 

Each year group also has a second opportunity to use the library during a break time or lunch time, where they can browse at leisure, return or renew their current library books. Stationery can also be purchased at affordable prices during these times.

All of our students are automatically given a Reading Cloud membership account, and this can also be accessed at home for students to reserve titles from the library catalogue through our Click & Collect service.

Most books in the library are available to borrow for up to 3 weeks.  Students will be given three polite reminders via their Tutor to return any overdue books.  If books are not returned after the third reminder, they may be charged a fine and lost or badly damaged books will be need to be replaced.  The Academy Librarian will decide if a student account needs to be frozen until the fine or new book is provided.

Accelerated Reader

PACA believes that reading is crucial for students’ academic success.

Our KS3 Reading Challenge aims to help students improve their reading according to their ability and to show reluctant readers that reading fiction can be enjoyable!  Accelerated Reader is a popular reading programme which encourages independent reading and checks student comprehension of what they have read.  It enables our teachers to track each student's reading progress over the year.

Book prizes are awarded throughout the year for students who are taking responsibility for their own reading progress by using AR efficiently. 


Behaviour in the library

All students are welcome on the understanding that the library is a quiet area where sensible and considerate behaviour is expected at all times. Lesson behaviour policies regarding eating and drinking and the use of mobile phones and other personal audio items are followed at all times. 


For information about Brighton and Hove Public Library Services, available to our community members via our dual-use partner, please see Mile Oak Library.