Intervention is from 15.00-16.00, and each student currently has between 2 and 4 sessions timetabled per fortnight. 

The intervention groups have been decided based on student gaps in learning and provide small group teaching aimed at supporting students to make improvements. 

The groups will be changed and adapted following mock exams to ensure that students are in the most appropriate sessions. 

Our expectation is that students attend all sessions as per their timetable.

  • Intervention is an opportunity for students, and therefore any student who is deemed to be disruptive to the learning and progress of others will be asked to leave. 

The current general timetable can be found below, and student sessions can be viewed on their timetable or the Expressions App. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding intervention, please do not hesitate to contact Emma Rudd (Head of Year 11):      


Mon 1 Tue 1 Wed 1 Thurs 1 Fri 1
French IBL English JBS Art JNS Maths RBI Sport Science ERD
Science MPN English JCY History JDS Maths ACY Computing RFH
Science SBE English MSH History MFR Maths SGW  
  English CRS   Spanish PMD*  
  Geography FMN   Food LLB  
Mon 2 Tues 2 Wed 2 Thurs 2 Fri 2
Science MPN Photography CMY History JDS Maths RBI PA DFN
Science RZN English CBY History MFR Maths ACY Dance NWN
Science EGY English LON   Maths SGW  
Science SBE English RWS   Geography BMY  
Science LKS English CRS