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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • How do I check I have the correct school uniform?

Visit the uniform page of our website:

If you have any further questions, please email:

  • Is there a Summer School?

Each year PACA holds two transition days in the summer term before Y7s start in September.
This is a chance for Y6 students to get to know the school before they start in September.
We also run a Summer School for 1 week in August which all new students are invited to.

  • What school trips does PACA offer?

PACA offers a wide range of trips through the academic year for example skiing, MFL trip (Barcelona or Paris), climbing Mount Snowden, Art trips to the Tate,
Geography trip to Cuckmere river, Maths camp, Rampion Wind Farm, History trip to the Imperial War Museum and more.
PACA also holds an activities week whereby students all get a chance to go on local trips at the end of each academic year.

  • What extracurricular clubs does PACA offer?

PACA offers a wide range of free clubs for example Lego robotics, trampolining, science club, band jam. Here’s a link to our current clubs:

  • What time is break and lunch?

The school day timings are as follows:


School opens for students to arrive 


Tutor Time


Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Break 1


Lesson 3


Lesson 4




Lesson 5


End of school day/ After school clubs (optional)

  • What do the colours of the school ties represent?

Each tie represents a schoolhouse.
Red – Dragon house, Green – Delta house, Yellow – Victory house, Purple – Luna House. Each student stays in their schoolhouse throughout their time at PACA.

You can purchase school ties from Sussex Uniforms

  • What subjects do year 7 study?


Computing, Cooking, Music, Dance, Performing Arts and STEM are studied on a carousel.



  • When and how are pupils set/streamed?

Pupils are placed in sets in KS3 in English/humanities and in maths/science. Language groups are organised by language choice. Other subjects tend to be in mixed ability groups. which is assessed in primary SATS tests. This is reviewed on a term-by-term basis to ensure that every child is supported and challenged appropriately.


  • What languages are there on offer?

Students select either French or Spanish upon entry in year 7. These languages are then continued to GCSE.

  • What GCSE options are there available and what year do they start them?

Students make their GCSE choices towards the end of year 9 ready to start studying at the start of year 10 into year 11.

  • How do I get a lunch card?

The best way to pay for food in the canteen is via a lunch card. Free school meals are also topped up daily on lunch cards.
When you start at PACA you are given a lunch card by your tutor within the first week of the term. These can be topped up on Parent Pay. If you lose your lunch card, then you can order a new one on Parent Pay.