Year 11 Group Messages

Year 11 Year Group Messages

Curated by: Mr Jones - Head of Yr 11

Yr 11 Mock Catch Up Timetables


Yr 11 November Mock Exams Timetable

 Yr 11 Revision Guides 


Free Student Help Tool

We have found a brilliant free tool to help student structure their time and revision. It does require a sign up but includes:

  •  Ability to select time you want to revise from and to each day
  • Ability to input any social commitments
  • Ability to include separate subjects

 It can be found here and can be amended as things change

Year 11 Timeline 2021

   Parents Information Evening

  Welcome Letter

   Key Contacts

Year 11 Key Contacts 

 Ms C Bradley

 Y11 SLT Lead

 Mr M Jones 

 Head of  Year 11

 Ms C Bennett-Edge

 Y11 Pastoral Manager

 Mr Rothman - 11DA1 

  Yr 11 Tutors


 Mr V Orchin - 11DA2 

 Ms R Wales - 11DN1 

 Ms S Bower - 11DN2 

 Mr B McCarthy - 11LA1 

 Mrs R Bishnoi - 11LA2 

 Ms M Faulkner - 11VY1 

 Ms L Keens - 11VY2 

 Ms M Smith

 Head of English

 Mr W Rothman

 Head of Maths

 Ms S Bower

 Head of Science

 Mr B McCarthy

 Head of Geography

 Ms M Faulkner

 Head of History

 Mr I Bothwell

 Head of MFL

 Ms C Austin

 Head of PE/PA/Dance

 Mr R Finch

 Head of Computer Science

 Ms R Lawrence

 Head of Art

15/09/20 Covid Advice For Students & Families

You can see links to our latest information and advice, including home learning for our year if you are unable to attend school, here.