Homework Guidelines

Homework can and should always be an integral part of the learning process. Great homework feeds into lessons and provides exciting opportunities for student-led learning and creativity.  The point of homework is to offer extended learning opportunities and generate a culture of high expectations. It should be challenging, consolidate learning and deepen understanding.  Therefore, homework tasks will take a number of forms (e.g. learning homework, revision tasks, written responses, creative project-based assignments etc.). All homework will have a clear learning objective, that the students will understand and the form that the task takes will be linked to this objective.

The table below outlines the expectations regarding frequency and duration of homework for students in each year group.  So that homework can achieve its intended objectives, there is no stipulation regarding how long students have for completion, other than a minimum of 48 hours.  Work should not be set on Friday for submission on Monday.

All homework must be shared with the students in class and is to be uploaded onto Show My Homework (online planner). Show My Homework can be accessed from the PACA homepage and, for staff, the PACA staff portal (the page that opens when you go online). Please refer any issues regarding logging in and usability to contact@paca.uk.com, although the system is very user-friendly. A read-only version of Show My Homework can be accessed without a password, so students have no excuse as to having not accessed their homework tasks.

Students’ submission status should be recorded onto Show My Homework and they should receive appropriate feedback on their homework within a week of submission.


Year 7 – 30 Minutes English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, MFL, Computing  (Per fortnight) – Core subjects in Autumn 1 only
Year 8 – 30 Minutes English, Maths, Biology (per fortnight), Chemistry (per fortnight), Physics (per fortnight), Geography, History, MFL, Computing (per fortnight).
Year 9 – 45 Minutes English, Maths,  Biology (per fortnight), Chemistry (per fortnight), Physics (per fortnight), Art, Computing, Geography/History, MFL, Music (per fortnight),  Computing (per fortnight).
KS4 – 45-60 Minutes English , Maths,  Biology (per fortnight), Chemistry (per fortnight), Physics (per fortnight), Option A, Option B, Option C.
Homework / Independent Study at Sixth form As a guide, five hours per subject per week.


Homework / Independent Study at Sixth Form

Homework. Tasks set by the teacher for completion by a set deadline. These tasks might include research; pre-reading; preparation for a seminar or presentation; a timed written response etc.  For level 3 BTEC and CTEC courses, this will include completion of coursework and research around pass/merit/distinction criteria.

Independent Study. Self-directed study.  Course/Unit handbooks should include reading lists (resource lists for BTEC/CTEC) and other guidance as to how students can engage with subject matter beyond the classroom. Students should be encouraged to access this wider reading (or resources) to support and develop their studies.