Admissions to PACA in Year 7

At PACA we recognise that transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time, but can also be a daunting one for both students and their parents alike.

To ensure continuity of learning and progress, the Academy has an extensive transition programme in place, led by the Head of Year 7, Mr Jones. This helps students and parents feel confident in this very significant change. This transition programme is coordinated by the regional Aldridge Transition Manager Liz I’Anson, who ensures that all students receive a positive, informative and motivational experience in all our academies.

There is a handbook for new students and parents that includes useful information like an example timetable, important numbers and contacts, school policies including homework guidelines, and other material. You can access the handbook here, or we can send you a hard copy upon request.

We ensure that the five aspects of a successful transition are covered:

  • By showing an increasing interest in school and schoolwork, your child demonstrates a positive and encouraging link to life at PACA.
  • Enjoying the variety of subjects and teachers available.
  • Settling well into secondary life will be aided by the many activities, after school clubs and revision groups.
  • Getting used to different routines and school life with ease proves a sense of confidence in their new environment and the people they are surrounded by.
  • Developing new friendships and improving their self-esteem and confidence is paramount when entering this new environment.

Year 7 students are supported by year 8 transition buddies, and we train up year 7 students to be buddies of the new students arriving the following year.

We communicate any news or updates through our website, our Facebook @PACAcademy or our Twitter account @PACAUK.

Admission arrangements for Portslade Aldridge Community Academy are in accordance with the Brighton & Hove school admission arrangements. 

At PACA, every day is an open day. Prospective parents are welcome to see the school in action by emailing contact@paca.uk.com to book a tour of the building at a time that suits you.

When your child is due to transfer from primary to secondary school, you will have to apply for a school place.The contact details for the Brighton & Hove School Admissions Team are as follows:

Schools Admissions Team
Brighton & Hove City Council
King’s House
Grand Avenue
Phone (01273) 293653

The pupil admission number for the school is 240.

Please download the pupil registration form here.

Click here to read the guide to Secondary School Admissions

Over-subscription criteria

Where the number of application for admission is greater than the published admission number, applications will be considered against the following criteria. After the admission of pupils with statements of Special Educational Needs where the Academy is names on the statement the criteria will be applied in the order they are set out below (for a detailed description please refer to the school’s Admissions Policy):

  1. Children in public care.
  2. Compelling medical or other exceptional reasons to attend the school.
  3. Children who on the closing date live in the catchment area and who have an older brother or sister on the roll of the Academy at the time of their admission.
  4. Children who on the closing date live in the catchment area.
  5. Other children. If none of the above priorities applies to your child, he/she will be placed in this category.

*FFT is a way of making national comparisons. It means that we are in the top 5% and top 20% in the country for schools of a similar type.


Starting PACA by Cameron in Year 7

Cameron“When I first started at PACA, I was extremely nervous, but having spent three weeks here, I have settled in very well.

On my first day, I was rushing to get in. The teachers were really helpful and I am really enjoying PACA.

The first three weeks have been amazing. I have done every lesson at least twice and all lessons are enjoyable.

My favourite subjects are STEM with Dr Oprandi and Maths with Mr Price. These are my favourite subjects because in STEM we are racing a car and maths, because it is just extremely enjoyable”.

Year 5 Welcome to PACA Afternoon

Below is a picture of Caitlin Storey receiving her Kindle Fire for a fantastic review of the day as part of PACA’s Young Reporter competition. To read her entry click here

Caitlin Storey PACA Essay Prize Sept 15

Ella Pettit from Mile Oak primary also won a Kindle Fire for her fantastic commentary of the event. scanner@paca uk com_20151013_133315_001